Sunday, October 18, 2009


Daddy made some scrumptious pancakes this morning! He made Pumpkin and Honey Oat. There was just a little bit of pumpkin batter left so I decided I would make a Mickey Mouse pancake. Whenever I make a Mickey Mouse pancake I always have one problem. The Ears! They always break of when I try to flip it. Luckly, this time they didn't. They stayed on! I was so excited. So then I decided to go a little crazy and put a face on it. So I took some of the other batter and with a spoon I made a face! It was had to do and his face ended up lopsided but I did it. It might be kinda hard to see but:

Here is the stack of Pumpkin:

Here is the stack of Honey Oat:

My daddy feeds me well!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

College Hunting in California

Last week Elizabeth and I took a short jaunt to California to check out a couple of colleges. We started out at California Institute of Technology, and then went on to Harvey Mudd. Both of these are excellent schools. We enjoyed comparing each on: types of classes, dorm rooms, types of internships available, Institutes, campus atmosphere, fatness of squirrels (LOL), and of course the food! (We ate at both college cafeterias. Sorry Caltech, Harvey Mudd beat you there fair and square!)
Before this trip, I had been to Caltech, and Elizabeth had been to Harvey Mudd. I think we both enjoyed showing each other our discoveries.
As a Mom, it is so hard to be objective. You just want the best for your child. I don't want to influence her too much. I kept bugging Elizabeth to tell me which way she was leaning, but she wouldn't give me an answer. So I try to keep my opinions out of the equation. But I have to say, I was honestly excited about both of these schools. I told Elizabeth she would have to make the decision. Hopefully we can get her to Boston to see MIT before she has to make a decision next spring. These are her top three choices.
She has some excellent opportunities. It will be interesting to see what the next year brings!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Break!

As many of you know, Vail School District gives kids a three week break during fall. We are in the middle of the second week right now. Unfortunately, the high schoolers only get two weeks this time around. They will go back next week, while Charlie, Isabelle, and I stay home. During this three week break, we have done many thing so far. We have had cousins come, saw new movies, and gone swimming.
Cousins came down on the September 30th but sadly had to leave the 4th. While cousins were here we went swimming, went to the zoo, and watched conference. It was very exciting to have them come here and spend time with us. While Liz and Mom were gone at California looking at colleges, the rest of us saw Monsters vs. Aliens. It was very funny. My dad really liked the part were Bob says, "Suuusaann! Wow that is scary! I just scared myself!" It was just very funny! My Mom and Liz got back from California on Tuesday.
Yesterday we went to the mall to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I was also a very funny movie. It had all the science stuff in it that just made Charlie laugh. He also told us a science joke on the way there: Atom 1 said to the other, "I think I am missing some electrons!" Atom 2 said, "Are you sure?" Atom 1 said, "Yes! I am positive! Hahaha! It made me laugh so hard. Izzie was just staring at us cause she has not learned this yet. Anyway, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a great movie that is appropriate for both kids and adults.
I am not sure what we are doing today, but we are going to have fun!