Monday, June 15, 2009


The Toller family boat was handed over to our family about a month ago. Ever since it has arrived at our house, Scott and Charlie have been feverishly working on it. They have really had some great father-son time making everything just perfect. So last Friday, the day finally arrived to take the boat out on the lake. We had so much fun. With borrowed tubes, we headed out. Unfortunately, when we got there, we realized that we had borrowed tubes without plugs. Luckily, Scott engineered a plug right there on the boat so we could have a great day.

Anne learned how to drive the boat!

I love this picture of Anne and Janet. They had so much fun out there on the tubes. They really loved going fast and bumping over the wake. They said the best part was getting thrown off the tube.

The Hancock and Tegeder families were also out on the lake that day. This is Nate Hancock showing off his skiing abilities.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crazy May!

May was a crazy month at the Toller house. We had concerts, award ceremonies, dinners....and on and on. Because of our crazy schedule, I hardly blogged during the month of May. (My sister has reprimanded me. Sorry Laura!) But I will try and catch you up on just a few of the happenings during the month!

Our backyard bloomed this month! I just love it. We have roses, tomatoes, zucchini, strawberries, artichokes, carrots, radishes, peaches, cilantro, and BASIL!

There was a strings concert for all the string players in the Vail School District K-8. A first at our district. Here are a few of my favorite violinists at the dress rehearsal, Janet, and two of my students Alicia, and Cicely.

Izzie's First Grade Program! "A Year With Frog and Toad." I wish everyone could see it. She was so cute singing "Cookies, Cookies." By the way, Janet had her National Junior Honor Society Induction the same night. I don't have any pictures, because Scott and I had to split up, and he took pictures on his camera!

Spring Fling! Crazy Charlie with bright orange hair. Spring Fling is our elementary schools annual Spring fair. I was on the board to put it together this year. It was one crazy day. (Luckily Charlie didn't dye his hair until after the choir had sung that evening.) Below you see Isabelle when she played at the Talent Show that same evening.

The Toller Cousins came to visit at the end of the month. Unfortunately, it rained for several days! What a welcome to a family from Chicago. The kids swam anyway, and by Saturday it was sunny again.

This is Angie with Annie. She became very attached to Anne and Janet while she was here. It was so sad to say goodbye. Angie clung to Annie and didn't want to let go. We miss her and her family!

Of course, what is the end of school without a party. Anne invited several of her friends over for swimming and hot dogs. And can you believe it.....It RAINED AGAIN! But after about an hour, the sun came out, and they were all able to swim. Fun stuff!

Other exciting things that happened during May (but no pictures!)

1. Choir Field trip to Retirement Homes (Charlie was given a half eaten grilled cheese sandwich by one of the grateful residents!)

2. Mother's Day Breakfast at the Seminary, where I got to eat breakfast with my two beautiful girls.

3. Camp Kickoff. Janet's first experience with Girl's Camp. I help teach first aid to several 12 year old's.

4. Janet solo's on the piano for a Tri-M (Honor's music club) dinner.

5. Janet has a band concert and wails out the solo for Peter Gunn on her trumpet. She wins Most Outstanding 6th Grade Band Student.

6. Elizabeth receives and award for 1st in class for the Juniors.

7. Awesome Steel Band Concert--Elizabeth solos.

8. I have a student recital for all my piano and violin students. They did awesome.

What a month. Needless to say, we have declared June a month of down time.

Naps, Swimming, Reading and Relaxation!