Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hello, Blog World! We are alive! I realize it has been 9 months since our last post! And thats just a little too long! We could have had a baby between now and then! (Don't worry, we didn't!) 

So, only because Laura and Missy mentioned like 5 MILLION times last week, and because I am extremely bored, I (Annie) am updating the blog.

Well. To start (2 months ago), Grandma Baggaley came for Easter!

Then. Izzie had her fourth grade choir concert!

And Charlie had his seventh grade band concert...

And if you thought we didn't have enough concerts to go to... Janet and I had our band concert. 

AND THEN I GRADUATED!!!! HURRAH! BEST DAY OF MY LIFEEEEEE!!!! (Oh, and I graduated with high honors. No big deal. )

Here are just some of the many pictures taken that night. Refer to Facebook if you wanna see more!

Mr. Mat and I. The best band director in the whole entire world. 

We had a lovely trip to Utah! All of Mom's siblings were in town, which was super fun to see all my aunts and uncles and cousins! 

Little birthday party for Brandon at the park!

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

And we spent a little time at City Creek! Who can go wrong when spending time at the mall, right?

Uncle Scott teaching Simon how to fish!

They we're pretty good at fishing (:

Mom and Levi. The smiliest baby in the world. 

On the way home, we stopped in St. George to see Grandpa Tim. We talked for several hours and realized we couldn't make it home in one day. So, we stopped in Las Vegas! On the way home the next day, we stopped and took a tour of the Hoover Dam. It was really cool! Thanks for taking us dad!