Monday, September 13, 2010

Elizabeth's Summer

Elizabeth interned with NASA over the summer in Palmdale, CA. She worked on a droid airplane calculating drag! Scott and I were able to go for her final presentation.

Doesn't she look spiffy?

Elizabeth had special clearance to go into classified areas. Scott and I had badges (see the orange thingy pinned to me..) that said we had to be escorted by someone with red clearance (Elizabeth). Elizabeth took us to the space shuttle hanger where we saw an escape pod (above) and cone for the space shuttle when it flies on the back of the airplane. (below)
We loved being in California with Elizabeth.

For two weeks, Elizabeth stayed here in Tucson. She had her 18th birthday party in our backyard with 40 teenagers! Crazy times!

Scott set up a movie in the backyard by the pool.
Then it was off to Boston to take Elizabeth to MIT! Here she and Scott are with one of the Freedom Trail guides.
The North End is always fun. You can see Paul Revere's house just down the street behind Elizabeth. This was our last night with Elizabeth. We told her we would do anything she wanted. She picked Italian food! So we tromped over to the North End, only to find they were having a huge street festival. After looking into several eating establishments, we almost gave up. But luckily we were able to score a table at Cantina Italiano. (Recommended by our tour guide.) We had a wonderful dinner, followed with cannolis from Mike's Bakery!

Scott calling in vain for a dinner reservation!

Night in downtown Boston.

MIT is just a crazy place! East dorm builds a roller coaster from scratch every year during the week of orientation. They try to attract all the freshman to their dorm this way. You can see the roller coaster behind Elizabeth. You actually rode this thing standing up!

Elizabeth chose McCormick House. It is an all girl dorm that backs up to the Charles River. This is the view out of her bedroom window. Her roommates are fabulous. She couldn't be happier with her living situation.
Here are Elizabeth and Scott in front of the famous MIT dome. We couldn't get a very good picture, but I wanted one anyway. It was only a short hour later that we said goodbye to Elizabeth. (I cried all the way to the subway station!) It is hard to let her go; but I know she is having a blast there at MIT! For a detailed description of her activities, just look up her blog on our list "Reflections of a Nerd!"