Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Pictures

Shouldn't every family hurry and do a family picture over the holidays? When Elizabeth came home, we figured we needed an updated picture to send out with our Christmas cards. So I made all the kids dress in nice clothes for a "quick" pic in the backyard. They were THRILLED! You can tell by this next picture!I believed that with my nice camera we could just set it up on a chair, set the timer, and come out with a beautiful picture in a few short moments.
Sure!!! "Just a minute kids...."

I can almost figure out the timer....

Wait just a minute....

Found the timer...can't get the camera to balance right....and it needs to be closer to you.....

Too close...but a beautiful picture of Annie!

And a cute one of Elizabeth and Anne..

All right, lets try a different pose....should we let Dad be in the picture. Maybe not, by the look on their faces!

New outfits (and a couple hours later). We are still snapping photos.
The kids are getting tired and a little slap happy!



Oh no! Off center!

Finally! This is the picture that went out with the Christmas card. It took 96 pictures to get to this one. With a little photo shop, and two trips to Walgreens (they cut off my head in the first batch) we finally had our pictures ready to mail. Picture Perfect!