Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sisters in Balmy California

Every couple of years, the girls from the Baggaley family go out together on a little get away. This year we all went to visit Laura while she spent the summer in LA. We had so much fun. I love hanging out with my sisters, and just doing sister stuff! We crammed as much sight seeing in as we could. But probably the funnest times were just spent laughing and teasing each other late into the night while we all camped out in Laura's living room. (Notice the license plate of our rental car. "6 Hot". We thought it was very fitting.)
The first day we spent at Sea World. (Look at the shark swimming above us.) It was a hot day, and several of us got sunburned. But not Laura. She had been spending every day this summer at the pool or the beach, developing her tan. We got a kick out of her sun tanned leg compared to Ellen's (below).

Fantastic acrobats at Sea World!

We all went to Medieval Times. (A dinner theater with knights fighting!) Look at this silly picture. I'm the only normal sister!

Here is the second go around after I told my sisters to get it together!

Venice Beach! Okay since we were staying with Laura, we let her husband Dan come to the beach, even though this was a girls trip. Venice beach is a hoot! There all all sorts of interesting shops along the shore. We also went to Newport Beach the next day, which was a little more quiet. Laura and MaryAlice went boogie boarding.

Melissa was a real trooper. With only four weeks left of her pregnancy, she went everywhere we did, and kept up with us all. (No boogie boarding for her!) We kept hoping she would come home and have the baby after all that excitement. But she is still waiting!

My sister-in-law Ellen.
The whole clan. From left to right: Melissa (sister), MaryAlice (sister-in-law), Ellen (Mom), Ellen the younger (sister-in-law), Janelle, Laura (sister).
We had a great time! Lets do it again soon!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Elizabeth turned seventeen yesterday! She spent most of the day at school and then with her friends. She showed up at about 8:30 at night to have cake and ice cream with her family. I guess that proves she is really a teenager!
Elizabeth is sooooo special to our family. She is a bright light in our life! We love being involved in all her academic adventures. But more than that, she is just fun to be around. Have you ever heard her laugh. It is very contagious. As a mom, I love to have her near in the kitchen (cooking pasta, her favorite) or helping me do laundry, or just laying on my bed chatting to me about her "horrible day." As a family, we are very proud of her, and all her accomplishments.

Elizabeth received 47 candy bars from her friends! Ridiculous!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Okay! Sorry about the sideways video. I always forget you can't turn the camera when filming a movie! This is Erin and Kelsey. They are Elizabeth's fun and crazy friends.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Super Elizabeth!

It's Spirit Week at Empire High School. Today was Super Hero Day. So Elizabeth dressed up as ???? (She wants everyone to know: She knows she looked like a dork!)

Here are a few of Elizabeth's friends:

Tal as "Jessica"

Michael as "Chemistry Super Safety Man"

Kyle as ?

Athena as "Robin"

Makes you wonder what tomorrow will bring.