Thursday, October 28, 2010

This is the Place

Second day of picture logs: My sister, Melissa, my Mom and I went to This is the Place with the kids. We went late and found they shut most things down by 2:00. This kids were a little disappointed. But we did get to see quite a bit still.
Everyone got to ride ponies! (Except Charlie. He wasn't interested. He wanted to get to the blacksmith shop before they closed it down.)

The school house is always a fun place to visit!

How many pioneers drew aliens on their slates?

Annie is the best helper with all the small kiddos! (And they love her for it!)

My Mom and Isabelle.

We rode the train around the whole village.

Annie and Missy picked the back seat because it was shady. (It was over 90 degrees that day.) Unfortunately, as soon as the train started, it turned so Missy and Anne were in the sun most of the trip. -- tee hee. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wheeler Farm

I'm a little embarrassed....I took over 500 pictures on our trip to Utah. So this is a picture log of our day at Wheeler Farm. (A small pioneer farm in Salt Lake City). I will follow with other posts on the rest of our trip. This dog is Copper. Izzie is so attached to him. She goes everywhere with him!
My nephews William and Calvin "fishing".

What a Calvin face!

My Mom and Annie....two of my favorite women!
Sweet Janet!

Simon trying to head up to the tree house.


This tree house was there when I was a little girl. I remember climbing up and peeking out of that same window.

Hmmm does your dress taste good Izzie?

This goat really wanted the cookies we were eating!

"Please, Calvin, give me your cookie!"

My nephew Brandon loves his sunglasses!

Calvin's feet after a day on the farm!

MaryBeth and Janet. Cousins!

We also fed the swans and ducks.
This picture of Brandon makes me think of his dad, Trent when he was a little boy. See that impish grin. I have seen that before! My brother Trent had the nickname "Trent trouble". Brandon seems to be a little more quiet. Love the kid!