Friday, July 29, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Isabelle is in 4th Grade this year! She has been looking forward to having Mrs. Samuelsen as her teacher. Mrs. Samuelsen has a book club for her classroom. Izzie will fit right in!
Charlie is in 7th Grade. He is excited to be in the Hawk Pride Band. He claims his favorite class is Algebra!

This was Janet's first day of high school. As a freshman at Cienega, she will be part of the Copper Thunder Marching Band, and is also taking Concert Band. Marching band means early morning seminary. (Do you think that hair will be curled every morning by 5:30?)

Annie's Senior year...bittersweet. She is such a great kid! I hope she enjoys every last minute of this year. (On a side note, she has decided to play flute in marching band, but in symphonic band she has taken up the oboe! Good luck Annie!)

Of course I took lots of pictures the first day of school. So here are some of my favorites. Izzie and Charlie had their first day July 18th. Anne and Janet's first day was the 22nd. So unfortunately, there aren't any pictures of everyone together.

We tried to do the jump picture with Anne and Janet, but my timing was never right. I thought this picture was pretty funny though!

Anne and Janet just LOVE their wheels!
They insisted they have a picture with the VAN!