Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Painting Christmas cookies is one of our family's favorite Christmas traditions.

Anne made a Buddy the Elf and Christmas Ninja

This year we had our fourth annual Neighborhood Nativity. It was a huge success! We had more people then ever show and up. We all had a great time!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Smiling Kids (Big Happenings!)

Elizabeth got her drivers license last week. Look out world! She is excited to have her freedom. Mom and Dad are excited to let her drive herself to her many activities. (Check out those COOL wheels!)

Elizabeth was one of eight students that qualified for the AMA's math contest "Who Wants to be a Mathematician." At the competition she took 2nd place. The whole Empire High School Math Club showed up to cheer for her. She truly is a MATH DEMON.

Charlie has discovered electricity. After learning about circuits in school, he told us he wanted to build one. Scott gave him a little direction and the materials. Before we knew it Charlie was in the backyard building a circuit. After some trial and error, he got it to work!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Anne offered to sew Isabelle a dalmation costume this year. She did a great job! Janet made her own costume! Anne made one for herself. Mom sewed Charlie's Voldemort costume.

That left Elizabeth....She wanted to be Giselle from Enchanted. But I wasn't really sure I was up to that much sewing. So I put her off for quite a while. Finally a week before Halloween everyone had a costume but her, and the "Mom guilt" set in. So off we went to the fabric store. Each day I worked on the costume a little knowing that the night of October 30th I would probably have a lot of work to do. Well that was an underestimation on my part. Thursday night I got the kids to bed and really dug in. I thought I would probably be done between midnight and 1:00 AM. Well, at 6:30 in the morning when Elizabeth was supposed to leave for Seminary I was STILL sewing. I didn't finish until 7:30 when we took a few quick pictures and sent her off to school. I was exhausted.

Was it worth it? Absolutely! The smile on Elizabeth's face made every stitch worth all the time and effort. Some times you just have to sacrifice a little time and sleep as a Mom. It was a morning I will always remember.

One last thing. This was Charlie's program from October 30th. His part was so adorable. The video was taken from behind the piano, where I was, but is still so cute. Right after he said his part they sang "Do You Love Me"!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Mother/Daughter Trip to Mesa

Anne and I took a trip to Mesa yesterday. We had so much fun. Unfortunately I forgot my camera! We went to the Mesa Temple, where Annie and I got to do temple work for an ancestor, Christina Levingston. Then we met Cynthia at Joe's BBQ for a great lunch. Lastly, we went and saw Annie's favorite teacher at her old elementary school, Mrs. Montgomery. It was such a great day. I just love having daughters that are my best friends!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Silly Bryan!

On our last day with cousins. The kids decided it was time to gang up on Uncle Bryan. They jumped on him, dunked him in the pool, tickled him, and did almost anyother thing to wear him out. After a while, everyone calmed down and was just swimming around. However, the little boys decided that we need to have a competition to see who could do the coolest trick off the diving board. Bryan saw Jacob do his backflip and decided that he was going to do one too. Here are the pictures. They are proof that Bryan can't do a backflip!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cousins: Day 3

We went to the zoo! Every year we go with Bryan and MaryAlice and have a great time! Our family just seems to fit in there!

Izzie being a monkey!

Rachels bear face!

We were just an inch away from huge Phiranas!

Cousins: Day 2

We went to Colossal Cave with our cousins. Benjamin made sure to point out every rock formation and tell us all what it looked like to him. We explored the surrounding area and searched for arrowheads and gem stones. We are having lots of fun!

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5250765353420768290" />
Rachel and Izzie in front of the cave

Anna loved exploring!

Janet deep down in the Cave!

Anne and Janet in the Cave.

Rachel and Izzie looking for gemstones.

This is Anne with the "only stick with eyeballs!"

Charlie and his treasures!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cousins: Day 1

Bryan and MaryAlice got here today. We are having lots of fun with our cousins. They have been driving all night so today is just a hang out/nap day. We went swimming, played some games and watched a movie. Having Fun!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Janet played her first soccer scrimmage last Saturday. She plays keeper and forward for the Vail Pumas. Notice that she is wearing her goalie gloves while playing out on the field. We played Ft. Lowell Soccer Club and won!


Izzie and Morgan with the Bobcat.

Diana and Anne during warm-ups.

Cienega's first home game was last Friday. We played Douglas and won 51 to 0! Go Cats! The Copper Thunder Marching Band performed. The show is on youtube, but there was a cross country race going on during the performance and there is a lot of times when people are cheering and you can't hear the band. Here is the link: