Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Computer Tabs

After a long day, I decided to have a little down time....check my facebook, catch up on some blogs, and return some email. Charlie has just gone to bed leaving me an open computer. As I sit down at the computer, Charlie yells to me, "Don't close my computer tabs!" Out of curiosity, I check up on these web pages to see what he has been up to. Hmmm.... Here is the list:
  1. Invisibility-Cloak Materials
  2. Making a wormhole just got easier
  3. Google Image Result for time machines
  4. --Travel games for dummies

So any idea what Charlie's plans are? Should I be worried?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Piccolo Solo

Have you ever seen the end of the musical "Music Man"? All the boys show up with their instruments, and play a horrible rendition of Minuet in G. But the parents get so excited about their boys. One parent yells, "That's my Johnny!" Their pride drowns out the squeaks and bad notes coming from the band.
Well tonight, I felt like yelling,"That's my Annie!" This evening the Cienega band played their fall concert. During the first number, The Invincible Eagle by John Phillip Sousa, Anne played the most awesome piccolo solo. I had not heard her practice this solo at all, and was amazed at the difficulty of the passage, and at how well Anne played it. I was bursting with pride.
Now, I hope I'm not like those mothers from "Music Man". I thought the band sounded excellent. But, maybe I'm prejudice. But then maybe, I might just know a little about how music should sound. :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Copper Thunder Marching Band + Old Vail Middle School Band!

Anne's first official home game this year. She was lucky enough to try out for piccolo and made it! Doesn't she look cute in her uniform?
Anne and Lydia. (Both flute players.)

Anne plays the national anthem.

That night the high school band invited the middle school band to join them on the field. So both Janet and Anne were out there! Janet really had fun.

Here is the whole group together.

Here is Janet waiting to enter the field at half time.

The middle school kids also got to sit in the bleachers and play stand tunes with the high school kids. (Does Janet look like she is happy? I wonder why?) The advantages of a girl playing the trumpet!

Playing Band Yell!

Anne and Lydia were playing stand tunes too! Here they are cheering C ! H! S!

Isabelle sat in the stands with me and helped cheer everyone on. It was a great game. Unfortunately, we lost by one point!
We will get them next time!

Fun, fun, video! Who has more rhythm? Janet or those high school boys?